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Our Services:

Fort Riverside Auditors is the auditing & assurance subsidiary of Siver River Holdings LLC that was established in 2019. With operations headquartered in Meru County - Kenya, the agency strives to ensure that we foster trust throughout our practices as our teams go about handling highly sensitive & complex set of problems such as; hacking, money laundering & trade sanctions, faced by our diverse spectrum of clients in Kenya & the East African region at large.

Assurance reports on systems & financial statement audits provide trust & confidence in information used by investors, other market players, consumers  & the general public for important decision making. Audit & assurance practices instill the necessary trustworthiness needed to ascertain the accuracy of this information. Further - despite being intangible, trust is one of the most valuable assets in the world over. It is also one of the hardest to achieve. To solve this, our teams strategically position themselves to help provide confidence & client satisfaction through the following offerings:

1. Audit Data & Analytics
2. Third Party Risk

3. Forensic & Investigation Solutions 
4. Regulation Enforcement & Compliance
5. Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Solutions

Our products & services are designed to cater for a broad range of industries such as; finance, accounting, information technology, legal, operations & more.

Why You Should Join Us:

For us, auditing & assurance is more than a reactive matter. We do more than simply look at past events & performance to issue a report. Fort Riverside Auditors takes a proactive approach addressing the entire ecosystem of variables that crucial decision-makers must consider. Our teams provide value & insight that build confidence and unlock opportunity. It is one of the fundamental ways that we help both individuals & organizations

In addition, our auditors, lawyers & consultants subscribe to a comprehensive & robust Code of Conduct that guides our ethical behavior & principles are of the highest standard in the work place. An essential tenet on the document stresses the duty of our professionals to always put the client first. We continually work towards adapting our product & service offerings so that you can be ready to act with confidence as markets evolve.

Getting Started:

To access our broad array of services, request  to have an account opened on this platform & our service desk will respond immediately & instruct you accordingly.

For swift processing, potential clients are requested to submit all their necessary details when prompted to create a profile during the account creation process.